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Starter League Web Dev – Week Six and Seven


What is back-end development?


We have been learning lots of awesome things in class over the past two weeks like: database structures, table associations, validations, tests, user accounts, user sessions, cookies, passwords, account security, and Github.


Github is a code management network that simplifies Git, which is a free source code management system. (Git was invented by Linus Torvalds aka: the guy who invented the Linux kernel). Git and Github are absolutely awesome. Seriously though, it makes me happy to be alive. Github allows developers can easily upload their files and projects to store, share, and collaborate with other developers. If you are interested in Git and Github, I highly recommend Git Immersion, an awesome intro tutorial to get you started.


Database structures and table associations are the fundamentals of linking a database together to create functional web applications. Validations ensure that the information you enter is valid for a given data entry. You know those notices that tell you your username or password need one uppercase letter and/or one number? Those are validations at work.


Tests are written in applications to test the code to make sure it doesn’t break later on and result in a devastating error that scares all your users away. That being said, any popular app most definitely has lots and lots of tests to make sure it runs properly. There are actually tests called koans that allow programmers to learn specific programming languages. For anyone that is learning Ruby, I would definitely suggest Rubykoans.


User accounts and user sessions are all made possible because of cookies. HTTP cookies are small pieces of data sent from websites to be stored in the user’s browser. Authentication cookies notify websites of the their users’ previous activity, such as if a user is logged in to a specific account or not . Not all digital cookies are equal though. Tracking cookies and third-party tracking cookies can collect records of your browsing history, so we should still clear our browsers’ cookies from time to time. Why are they called cookies? The name cookie was coined by developers to think of a trail of cookie crumbs. The name stuck. But seriously, who doesn’t like cookies.


It’s crazy that week seven is already over. I’ve learned so much during this experience at the Starter League and at 1871! It’s crazy how the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know. Time to go get some rest. There are apps to be built in the morning.

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